These will be adventures in saddle dosed in the kilometres but not in the emotions: we will travel on unforgettable roads, we will stop in typical accommodations, we will make unique experiences always different one from another discovering history, traditions and curiosities of the places.
During the itineraries we will have a van that will assist us and transport our luggage so that we can fully enjoy the roads and landscapes.

All the information and curiosities about the 4 women’s trips organized by Top Bikers Team for Miss biker in 2021. Ready to go?
Guest: Simone Chieregato

F.A.Q about Miss Biker’s trips

  • What kind of rider are the tours dedicated to?
    To all the riders who have enough experience to drive a bike in the corners without being anxious or nervous. They have to know how to drive comfortably bending or traveling on the highway or on the mountain passes.
  • What kind of itinerary will the tours have?
    The tours have all paved routes, with low mileage and, in the case of tours over 6 days, contemplate days of rest.
  • Are the trips only for women?
    Yes, the planned trips are dedicated exclusively to women. Every biker can bring a friend as a passenger who will pay her own fee.
  • Do the passengers pay less?
    Passengers generally pay 10% less, for more information go to the tour data sheet.
  • Is it possible to share a room?
    Tour participants who do not have a partner to share the room with may request room sharing with another participant who, like you, does not want to pay the single room supplement.
  • Is there a down payment?
    A deposit is required, usually corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the tour, together with the registration for the trip. The exact amount of the deposit is indicated in the tour data sheet.
  • When do I have to make the balance?
    The balance is usually made one month before departure unless otherwise specified.
  • What if I can’t take part in the trip I signed up for?
    If you have travel cancellation insurance (to be concluded separately) and the reason for the cancellation is among those provided by the insurance, you will be refunded the amount paid, otherwise the penalties specified in the terms of the contract will be valid (the latter can be found at the following link: http://www.travelteam.vr.it/il-contratto-di-viaggio/
  • When will it be known whether the journey will be made with certainty?
    The confirmation of the trip will be communicated by email to reach the minimum number of members and at least 1 month before departure.
  • What happens if I have already paid the deposit and the trip does not reach the minimum number of members?
    You will not be given a voucher but you will be refunded the deposit in full.
  • What happens if Covid were to shut down the regions or countries and the trip would no longer take place?
    You will not be given a voucher; the tour operator cancels the trip and refunds the deposits or any balances.
  • Does each trip have a minimum (and maximum) of participants?
    The tours will have a minimum and maximum number of participants that varies according to the logistical complexity of the tour (for more information go to the technical details of the tour).
  • What do the proposed trips include?
    Generally, the tours include overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as entrances to the sites and guided tours on site (for more information go to the technical details of the tour).
  • What do the trips generally don’t include?
    Tours usually do not include motorcycle fuel, road tolls, parking, drinks at meals, tips and personal expenses.
  • Will the trips take place despite the Covid?
    The trips will take place despite the Covid, unless different provisions of the DPCM in force at the time of travel, and will observe all the measures in the field of safety and prevention.
  • Will the tours have a follow-up van?
    Yes, the tours will always have a follow-up van regardless of the length of the tour.
  • What function does the service van have?
    The assistance van, travelling in the queue of the group, acts as a broom, luggage transport, small mobile workshop and possible recovery of motorbikes in breakdown.
  • What should I do if my bike stops during the tour?
    Do nothing, move the bike to a safe position outside the roadway and wait a handful of minutes until the assistance van arrives, which will repair it, if possible, otherwise search for the nearest workshop (if there are any) to perform the necessary operations.
  • What types of interventions can the service van cope with?
    Small emergency interventions allow the pilot to continue the journey comfortably, such as a puncture, the replacement of some lever or some cable. The van, however, does not have spare parts for your motorbikes unless they were previously supplied.
  • How many luggage can I bring?
    The baggage accepted in the van will be 2 pieces (1 large + 1 small) per participant, imagine the same baggage that you can embark on a scheduled flight in economy class. The luggage, however, for a better management of the stowage on board, must be soft and not rigid.
  • When I travel do I always have to be with the group?
    Not necessarily. Before the trip, it will be provided to all participants a Travel Book containing the daily route, locations and stopping times. By informing the Tour Leader in advance, who wants to travel independently, respecting the stages and being aware that, if you leave the group, you will not have the certainty of having the van assistance in case of need.
  • If I feel tired, can I use the assistance van?
    The assistance van serves your luggage and only in emergency cases it can transport participants, for example for serious health problems or a bike failure.
  • When I’m on the road, what documents do I have to take with me?
    All the participants in the trip, will always have to bring an identity card (C.I. when traveling in Italy and Passport when abroad), while, only the riders, the registration book of the bike, the insurance certificate and the green card in the case of travel abroad. Further documents may be the entry visa or local permits but you will receive communication from time to time depending on the tour you have joined.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    You can contact the tour operator Top Bikers Team directly at info@topbikersteam.com
    or directly the Tour Leader Simone Chieregato at the number +39 348 8021802