A trip into history

from Saturday 9 October to Sunday 17 October 2021


A trip to Greece means diving into a world of art, philosophy and democracy. Three fields in which Greece was more evolved than the rest of the known world. Our itinerary in Greece will let us discover the maritime side, the historical and cultural side on our motorbikes, obviously! Mixing these aspects in a single trip will give us unique emotions, as a trip to Greece is “discovery and lightness”, like the whiteness of its houses and the blue of the sea waves.

All over the country there are countless temples, archaeological sites and ancient monuments which offer a vision of the culture and history of this country. Famous attractions such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens, Delphi, Mycenae or ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics, are just some of the historical attractions waiting for us. Obviously riding our Eagles!


9 days / 8 nights


2.250 about





daily avg

250 km








Travel program

Day 1, Saturday 9 October: Noale – Ancona  

Km 310 approx             

Meeting of the group at 9.00 in Noale and pick-up of the rented motorbikes.

At 10.00 departure to the port of Ancona through the region of the river Po delta. Boarding at 14:30 and departure at 16:30.

Day 2, Sunday 10 October: Igoumenitsa – Trikala

km 230 approx.

Disembarkation at about 09:30. We are finally in Greece, in the region of Epirus and its fascinating mountains. After a stop in the elegant Ioanina, lying on the shores of a peaceful lake, we continue to the the region of Thessaly, where we’re visiting Meteora, location of one of the main groups of monasteries in Greece. Meteora in Greek means “hanging in the air”, in fact this is exactly the feeling that you feel when you arrive in the Peneo Valley… one of the most spectacular places on Earth!

Day 3, Monday 11 October: Trikala – Thebes             

km 300 approx.

We drive southwards. Greek mythology and history seem to merge in the rugged and scenic landscape of the Stereá Elláda, or Mainland Greece. On the slopes of Mount Parnassus rises Delphi (from the Greek word delphìs,”belly”), considered by the ancient Greeks as the center of the world. Here we will stop for a visit. The place where the Temple of Apollo stands and all the other sites in this area, which overlook a steep cliff, are truly spectacular!

Day 4, Tuesday 12 October: Thebes – Athens

approx. km 210

We get into the Attica Region until we reach Cape Sounion, the beautiful rocky promontory overlooking the Aegean Sea. Then we drive to the capital arriving early in the afternoon, so we still have time to visit the Acropolis of Athens and the Parthenon, the most important monument of all Greece.

Day 5, Wednesday 13 October: Athens – Nafplio

approx. km 210

A bridge makes us cross over the Corinth Canal, a strategic passage that connects the Saronic Gulf with the Aegean Sea. Observing it from the top of its 80 meters high will be impressive! We are in the Peloponnese, the southernmost continental region of Greece and precisely in the Argolid Peninsulaand, a real mine of archeological and historical treasures. For example the Theatre of Epidaurus, considered among the monuments of great interest of Greek Antiquity and famous all over the world for its perfect acoustics

Day 6, Thursday 14 October: Nafplio – Elafonisos

approx. km 220

Still going southwards, following the coast of the Argolic Gulf with its winding roads overlooking the sea until we reach Monemvasia, a beautiful village in the Peloponnese. Built at the foot of a rocky promontory and connected to the coast by a thin strip of land, it can be reached through a bridge that can only be crossed on foot. Today’s last destination is Elafonisos, the tiny but enchanting island with only 25 km of coastline.

Day 7, Friday 15 October: Elafonisos – Kalo Nero

approx. km 240

We drive towards the famous city of Sparta, where we can find one of the least known archaeological sites in Greece: Mystras. Unesco Heritage since 1989, Mystras has always been an artistic and cultural center and the second most important city of the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople.

Day 8, Saturday 16 October: Kalo Nero – Patras

approx. km 160

Last day in Greece but again an extraordinary place to see: Olympia! The first and oldest venue of sporting events that were held continuously for more than a millennium gave them its own name: Olympics. Today the ancient Olympia is still a beautiful place, in a green landscape of historical and cultural importance, a complex of temple and public buildings still well preserved.

Arrival at the port of Patras, boarding at 15:30 and departure at 17:30.


Day 9, Sunday 17 October: Ancona – Noale

approx. km 370

Disembarkation at the port of Ancona at 14:30 and departure to Noale. In the afternoon drop off of the rented Moto Guzzi, toast to the end of the trip and greetings between companions and travelers


Time left to the departure








The tour will be confirmed once 15 riders have registered


  • Rider with rented bike: Euro 2.190
  • Rider with own bike: Euro 1.650
  • Passenger: Euro 1.490
  • Single room supplement: Euro 450

The price includes

  • nights in hotel with breakfast
  • lunches (except those by ferry)
  • dinners (except those by ferry)
  • Ferry crossing in double cabin for participants
  • Ferry crossing for the vehicles
  • Entrance to sites/monuments/parks
  • Bike rental from Guzzi range*
  • Fuel*
  • Liability insurance*
  • Parking
  • 1 spare motorcycle*
  • 1 motorcycle-riding tour leader
  • 1 guide with support vehicle
  • 1 support van for transportation of luggage and any bikes that break down

* not included for riders with their own Moto Guzzi.


The price doesn’t include

  • travel costs as far as the meeting point
  • medical/baggage/cancellation insurance
  • drinks with meals
  • meals on board the ferry
  • Everything not specified in “The price includes”

Registration by 20 September 2021

Registration for participants with their own Moto Guzzi bikes will open upon reaching the minimum number of participants with Moto Guzzi bikes from the factory fleet.